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EPS Sandwich Cement Wall Panels Production Line

EPS Sandwich Cement Wall Panels Production Line


Lightweight EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Machina fabricatur Secundum ad Current Development Fossa Novae Aedificii Materiae Market, Our Company Develops The New Innovation Style Of High Automatic Production Line, which can make waste water Recycle and waste Material Reused through Elaborate Style;Nostra haec planta Automatarie Demould potest, quae multum laboris sumptus potest salvare.

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New Lightweight EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Is One New Wall Products, which have good features of Energy-Saving, Environmental Protection, Thermal Insulation, Sound Insulation, Light Weight, Quod Fac Tales Product More Popular All Over The World

EPS Sandwich Cement Wall Panels Production Line EPS Sandwich Cement Wall Panels Production Line

Processus productionis introductio


Boiler Can Gas Generated, Oil Generated, Electricity Generated, Which Provide vapor For Plant.

EPS Sandwich Cement Wall Panels Production Line

2.Mixer Platform

2.Mixer Platform

3. EPS Formando Equipment System

Including :EPS Machina formans, Screw Conveyor, Fluidized Bed, Secunda Materia Tank And Accessories, Mixer Head and Accessories;

3. EPS Forming Equipment System

4.Vertical Wall Panel Mold Car

Vertical Panel Mold Car producere 10 Pcs One Times.Sic productio capacitas superior est.

4.Vertical Wall Panel Mould Car

4.Vertical Wall Panel Mould Car

5. prorsus Automatarie Demould Car

In Wall Panel plene Automatarie destruens.Destruat 5 schedas unum tempus et opus circiter 20 Mins pro One Finge Car, quod emendare capacitatem et conservare laborem Pretium.

5. Fully Automatically Demould Car

6.Automatic Transfer Cars System

Including : Tractatio Systema, quae fingunt Cars ad libere movendum inter frontem et retro ;Cars Ferry System, quod Finge Cars Inter varias Cancellos transferre possunt;

6.Automatic Transfer Cars System

6.Automatic Transfer Cars System

7.P LC Control Cabinet

Pro Systemate Imperium, Systemate PLC SIMENS utimur cum Qualitate superiore.

For The Control System, We Use PLC SIMENS System With Higher Quality.

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